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2023 Schedule for the Saratoga Horse Racing Season!

Updated: May 2, 2023

Fancy hats trackside at Saratoga Race Track
Fancy hats are a must when you go to the horse races!

The weather is getting warmer, flowers are blooming and horses are back training on the Oklahoma Track. That only means one thing...Saratoga horse racing season is just around the corner! There is nothing like the horse racing season in Saratoga Springs. If you have experienced it before, you are probably anxious to come back. If you haven't gotten the chance to be in Saratoga while the horses are racing, you will want to add it to your bucket list. This blog will give you the important information about the 2023 Saratoga track season, including the 2023 racing schedule, so you can start making your plans!

Saratoga Race Track 2023 Schedule:

Trackside Saratoga Springs Track
Standing trackside waiting for the next race during the 2022 Saratoga Springs horse racing season.

Saratoga race season typically runs from Mid July through Labor Day. Race days are Wednesday through Sunday with dark days (no racing) on Mondays and Tuesdays. Here are some of the highlights of the 2023 schedule:

  • Opening Day: July 13

  • Whitney Day: August 5

  • Alabama Day: August 19

  • RunHappy Travers Day: August 26

  • Last Day of the Season: Labor Day-September 4

There will also be several giveaway days mixed in throughout the season. The giveaway days have not been scheduled yet. I will update the above schedule to highlight those once they are set. Past years' giveaways have been baseball caps, umbrellas, picnic blankets and t-shirts. There are always fun, quality products on giveaway days so, if you can be at the track on one of those days you should plan to!

2023 Ticket Prices and Seating Options:

General Admission:

The 2023 meet will feature one General Admission price for all fans, eliminating the traditional two-tiered pricing system for the Clubhouse and Grandstand. For the first time, one admission price will grant access to the Clubhouse and the Grandstand. The General Admission ticket prices for the 2023 season will be $7 per ticket if purchased at least 24 hours in advance and $10 if purchased on the day of the race. Note that for RunHappy Travers Day, General Admission tickets will be $25 per ticket purchased at least 24 hours in advance and $30 if purchased on Travers Day, while supplies last.

Reserved Seating:

If you wish to reserve a seat in the historic Victorian Grandstand, you can do that through and there will be an additional charge. Single-day reserved seat tickets will be available beginning May 8. Weekly seat reservations are available now.

Reserved Tables:

Formal Table Reservations:

There are two options for formally reserving tables for a day at the track. First, you can reserve an inside table at the Miller Time Fourstardave Sports Bar in the lower carousel. There are over 80 2-seat, 4-seat and 6-seat tables available for reservation. Each reservation is subject to a $10 food and beverage minimum per person. Personal coolers and outside food and beverages are not allowed in the Miller Time Fourstardave Sports Bar (with the exception of on-track concessions). Single day reservations will be available Wednesday, May 17 at 10:00 through

The second option is to reserve picnic tables in the Pick Six Picnic Paddock. There are over 100 picnic tables next to the paddock that are set aside for paid advance reservation. Personal coolers are allowed in the Pick Six Picnic Paddock, but additional tents, chairs, and umbrellas are not. Single day reservations will be available Wednesday, May 17 at 10:00 through

Saratoga Race Track Saratoga Springs
Everyone has a good time at the Saratoga Race Track.

Informal Table Reservations:

Saratoga Race Track has some informal reservation traditions that are generally recognized by regular track visitors. Bench seats are reserved by placing a program or newspaper on the chair. Picnic tables that are not available for formal reservation are generally "claimed" by placing a table cloth over the table. The picnic tables go fast and people usually send a representative in early to go claim a table right when the track opens (gates generally open at 11:00 am except for Travers Day which has an earlier opening time). Although New York Racing Association is respectful of these informal reservation traditions, NYRA security will not step in to resolve disputes.

I generally just get General Admission tickets when I go to the track and wander around from place to place during the day. You can bring foldable chairs and a cooler with drinks and set up a space somewhere on the grounds. I enjoy being right in the middle of all of the action. We usually sit right by the jockey's room so we can see the jockeys up close as they exit the dressing room. They are very accommodating and sign autographs or take pictures with people or kids who ask. This spot is also close to the path where the horses walk on their way to the track, so I like to go to the railing as they walk by to scope out the horse I am thinking of betting on and see if they look like a winner. Once the horses pass by, I then go to the betting window to place my huge $2 bet (generally I bet on the horse to Show-meaning they have to come in at least third to win money-so I have three chances to win). After placing my bet, I walk over to the track and stand by the finish line to cheer on my choice with hundreds of other fans. While waiting for the race to start you will see all the entries parade by and you can watch them being loaded into the gates before the gun goes off. All of these different areas give you a different perspective of the race and add to the excitement.

Saratoga Race Track Saratoga Springs
Me and my girls waiting for the jockeys and the horses to parade by before the race.

When my parents visited I did reserve seats in the Grandstand for their comfort and ease. I didn't get quite the same experience, but I will say it was very nice to be covered (either from hot sun or inclement weather) and was a more relaxing way to watch the races. Also, we were sitting a little higher so it was nice to be able to see the horses clearly all the way around the track.

Saratoga Race Track Saratoga Springs
Sitting in reserved seats at the Saratoga Race Track.

Wherever you decide to sit for your day at the Saratoga Race Track, you will have a memorable and exciting day! It is an experience unlike any other. Now that you have some of the important dates for the 2023 racing season, you can start making your plans. For more general information about the historic Saratoga Race Track and attending the horse races in Saratoga Springs, check out the NYRA Saratoga website here.


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