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Gracefull Community Cafe-A Colorado Place to Gather, Eat Well, and Be Inspired to Give Back

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

When I was visiting Colorado last summer, my sister took me to breakfast at a charming place called Gracefull Community Cafe. Gracefull Community Cafe is located in Historic Downtown Littleton and is a place where people of all backgrounds can gather, eat well, and be inspired to give back. It is owned by my sister's friend, Heather, who also created Gracefull Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation used to support the Cafe's operation. It was Heather's dream to create a place where community could come together and eat one good meal a day regardless of their ability to pay. The Gracefull Community Cafe is the result of that dream.

Their own words can describe the mission of the Gracefull Cafe better then I could, so I grabbed this from their website which you can find here:

We believe that names are important; that each person has an unique story and gift to offer this world and that every person should have access to one good meal a day. That is why paying is always optional, as is paying extra to help provide a meal for someone else. So come and join us in whatever way makes sense for you –share a cup of coffee with a good meal, volunteer with us, but most importantly, experience community.

Gracefull Community Cafe is open from Tuesday through Saturday from 7 am to 2 pm. The Cafe is a craft coffee shop with a full kitchen and all food items are made fresh on site. They have some basic menu items, but then they have daily breakfast and lunch specials. The morning we went the breakfast special was Banana Bread Pancakes and they were amazing!

The Gracefull Community Cafe provides many ways for people to give back. We came for a meal and paid extra to cover expenses for those who cannot afford to pay. There are also volunteer opportunities as the Cafe operates with two shifts of three volunteers each day. Gracefull Community Cafe accepts direct donations to help fund its' mission to provide meals for those in need. Learn more about Gracefull Community Cafe's specific contributions to the Littleton community and all the ways you or your organization can help here.

After a delicious breakfast or lunch at Gracefull Cafe, you will be fortified and ready to shop at the many stores in Historic Downtown Littleton, many of which also have their own charitable missions supported by your purchases! It is a way to have a great day and feel good about giving back to the community as well.


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