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How to Make Your Next Vacation an Iconic Experience!

Paris Airbnb Icons Musee D'Orsay
Iconic Clock Tower Room at Museê D'Orsay

Sure a trip to Europe is exciting. A week at the beach is great. But, what if your next vacation was ICONIC? It just may be if you enter for a chance to stay in one of Airbnb's Icons which are "extraordinary experiences hosted by the greatest names in music, film, television, art, sports and more."

Airbnb's new Icons experiences was launched on May 8 with a lot of fanfare. Airbnb's CEO, Brian Chesky, described the new options offered on the short-term rental platform as a chance "to take you inside worlds that only existed in your imagination...until now." The first 11 Icons experiences dropped last Wednesday, with additional experiences to be dropping around the world throughout the year.

What Is an Icons Experience?

Airbnb is giving you a chance to take your vacation to the next level by offering "the most extraordinary experiences on earth". The Icons combine not only a stay in an amazing locale, but include a once in a lifetime experience as well. Examples of a few of the first Icons experiences announvrf include:

  • Wake up in the Museé D'Orsay in the Paris art museum's iconic clock room (pictured above) in a luxurious bedroom designed by the same artist who designed the 2024 Olympic torch and cauldron. You can also watch the historic Opening Ceremonies for the Paris 2024 Olympics from the museum terrace.

  • Stay in a recreation of the Disney/Pixar Up House with over 8,000 balloons attached to the roof. The house is suspended 40 feet in the air by a crane...but don't worry, it will be on the ground when you are sleeping! The house is located in Abiquiu, New Mexico nestled in the surrounding scenic red rocks.

Airbnb Icons Disney Pixar Up
Stay in a Replica of the Disney Pixar Up House
  • Spend the night in the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Italy and sleep in a bed crafted of the same Italian leather used in Ferrari seats. You will also get to take a lap with Ferrari Ambassador Marc Gené and attend Emilia-Romagna's premier race as a VIP!

Airbnb Icons Ferrari Museum Italy
Spend the Night inthe Ferrari Museum
  • Stay in Prince's Purple Rain House in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Explore the home that has never been open to the public until now and listen to rare and special music tracks in an exclusive studio session.

Airbnb Icons Purple Rain Prince
If Purple Rain Was One of Your Favorites, You Will Love This Icons Experience!

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the other amazing Icons experiences that were announced last week here.

Icons Experience Airbnb
Check Out All of the Icons Experience on the Airbnb App

How Can You Reserve an Icons Experience for Yourself?

Now that I have piqued your interest in these amazing experiences, you are probably asking the typical question. How much would something like this cost?? What if I told you that it would be basically FREE!!! The actual Icons stay is free but there may be an additonal per guest fee of up to a $100. Pretty incredible, right?

Here is the scoop. Go to the Airbnb app and look for the Icons category on the Home Page. Click on the Icons icon (haha) and review the various experiences that are offered. A countdown clock will indicate when each Icons experience goes live. Once it does, you can request to book the experience. In the booking there will be a prompt asking you why you want to reserve the experience and why you should be granted the reservation. The lucky guests who are selected will learn of their selection by receiving a digital Willy Wonka-esque Golden Ticket. More than 4,000 Golden Tickets will be given in 2024.

Airbnb Icons Experience
Will You Be the Winner of a Lucky Golden Ticket?

While the opportunity to have an Icons Experience is limited, can you imagine if you were granted one? There is no cost in requesting a reservation so why not give it a try? You just may open your email to a Golden Ticket and you will be off to a once in a lifetime, ICONIC experience! Good luck and happy travels!


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