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Looking For Something Fun and Unique to Do in NYC? Take a Baking Workshop at Atelier Sucré!

Are you a seasoned veteran of NYC and looking for something new to do? Or maybe you are a visitor to NYC looking for something unique and special to do in addition to the typical touristy experiences? I have a recommendation that works for either camp. Sign up for a baking workshop at Atelier Sucré. Not only do you get a unique experience, but you leave with tasty treats that you made yourself! Sounds like a win-win to me.

Atelier Sucré is the vision of New York based French pastry chef Simon Herfray. Atelier Sucré provides high quality French pastries and other delicious food as well as providing fun cooking experiences for customers. Atelier Sucré is located in the heart of East Village and utilizes state of the art appliances and tools to allow would-be chefs to create culinary delights!

My daughter Madison had purchased a workshop to make French Macarons as a Mother's Day gift for me. French Macarons are a treasured treat in our house as they are gluten free and both of my daughters have Celiac Disease so need to avoid the gluten that is in most cookies and pastries. We finally scheduled the workshop and we had so much fun! They place you in groups of four to utilize the supplies and ingredients. We were paired with a nice couple visiting from Switzerland. That added even more international flavor to our French Macaron making.

The workshop started promptly at 6:30 and was over by 9:00. The chef teaching the workshop prepared the meringue (which I understand is the trickiest part of making French Macarons) and we mixed the dry ingredients that we folded the meringue into. If you are a fan of Schitt's Creek you will chuckle at the requirement to "fold in" the meringue. If you know, you know. :). We were able to pick a color for our cookie shells and all the different choices made for a colorful display! After the cookie shells baked, we were provided three different fillings-chocolate caramel ganache, strawberry preserves and lemon curd to make the Macaron cookie sandwich. We had fun creating an assortment of French Macarons and were provided with a box to bring our creations home to share (or eat ourselves!). They also gave us the recipe for the shell base, the meringue and the fillings as well as the cookie template to use at home to make each cookie shell a consistent size.

Bakers of all experience levels are welcome at Atelier Sucré and they provide all the equipment and tools that you will need. There are numerous workshop times available and there are a variety of choices of what you can bake. Most workshops are around $90/person. Here is a sample of the other types of workshops to choose from:

  • French Croissants

  • Christmas Yule Log

  • New York Bagels

  • Crème Brúlee, Chocolate Mousse and Madeleines

  • Chocolate Soufflé and Apple Tart

  • Eclairs and Cream Puffs

To view the different dates and times for the various workshops click here.

We had a great time and our French Macarons were delicious. I highly recommend this unique experience for a girl's weekend, a bachelorette party, family experience, special date or just because you are looking for something fun to do! Bon Appétit!


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