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Silverado Jewelry Gallery: Saratoga's Best Place to Treat Yourself or Someone Else!

Silverado Jewelry Gallery located on Broadway in Saratoga Springs, NY. Unique jewelry designers in all different styles and price points.
Silverado Jewelry Gallery, Saratoga Springs, New York, Shopping

I may be a little biased, but Silverado Jewelry Gallery is one of my favorite stores in Saratoga Springs! I have worked part-time at Silverado for a year now so I have an up close and personal view of the store. I love everything about Silverado...the jewelry collections, the store's vibe and most of all the incredibly friendly sales team that mother-daughter owners Robyn Hanst and Whitney DeChene have put together to help people shop for that special jewelry piece.

Silverado has a prime location right in the center of Broadway so you can't miss it as you are strolling up and down the main drag. From the moment you enter the store you sense that you are going to have a different shopping experience. The natural wood display cases, the succulent wall displays and the warm wall colors immediately calm and relax you as you browse around. It is definitely a different feel from the traditional jewelry stores most of us are used to.

Another difference you will notice right away is that customers are encouraged to try on and play with the jewelry. Even if you are not seriously shopping for a piece of jewelry, the sales team is more than happy to pull out any items that catch your eye. All customers are encouraged to try on and mix and match different pieces. One thing I have realized after working at Silverado is that a piece of jewelry comes to life when it is being worn by the right person. It is fun to watch people try on different things and see when that magic happens. You will know it when it does. The customer experience that Silverado has created makes each guest feel special and attended to.

Robyn and Whitney do a great job to curate a selection of jewelry in the store that will please a wide variety of tastes at a wide variety of price points. So if you are visiting Saratoga on a girl's trip, you can visit Silverado and there is something for everyone. They have carefully selected a number of jewelry designers to highlight in their store and each one has their own unique style.

Here are some highlights from just a few of my favorite designers.

Rene Escobar:

I LOVE the bracelets Silverado carries from Rene Escobar. They are made from Sterling Silver and 18K Yellow Gold and Rose Gold. Warning: You will have a hard time stopping at just one! They look beautiful in a stack and they are addicting. Another bonus, they are very durable. You can sleep, sweat, swim, and shower in them without worrying about damaging them. I have learned that I am pretty hard on my jewelry just living my life, but these bracelets "take a licking and keep on ticking"!

Jamie Joseph:

This designer has one of the most beautiful and colorful cases in the store. Jamie and her husband buy gemstones from all over the world. Her husband cuts the stone in a way to highlight its natural beauty and then Jamie creates one of a kind pieces by setting the stone and designing beautiful rings, earrings, necklaces and bangle bracelets. Silverado has the largest selection of Jamie Joseph jewelry on the East Coast!

Maggie Harding Designs:

Maggie actually works at Silverado when she is not busy designing and creating unique jewelry pieces. Maggie loves spending time in nature and this is reflected in her creations. The thing I love about Maggie's necklaces is the intricate metal work on the back of the stone setting. She creates a nature scene on reverse side of the stone setting that corresponds to the specific stone used in the piece. I love this very unique aspect to her designs. I also have one of her popular twig bracelets that adds a rustic element to my bracelet stack. So cool that you can actually meet the artist who designed your piece while shopping at Silverado!

These are just a few of the unique designers featured at Silverado Jewelry Gallery. They have just launched a beautiful new website where you can check out more of the various designers and easily make a purchase right on line! The link to the website is here. Not all items are available on the site, so if you are in Saratoga Springs make sure to stop in the store to see all the beautiful pieces in person. Also, trying on the jewelry is so fun you won't want to miss out on that experience!

Silverado Jewelry Gallery is the perfect spot to buy a unique Saratoga memento for yourself to remember your visit. It is also a great spot to purchase that special gift for someone else. The staff, including myself, absolutely loves to help customers shop around the store and pick out that perfect piece. Make sure to stop by Silverado on your next visit to Saratoga and play with the jewelry!

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