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Magnolia is a Marvelous Slice of Heaven in the Middle of Waco, Texas!

Magnolia Waco Texas
Me chilling at Magnolia Market & Garden

One thing I LOVE to do is browse home decor stores looking for inspiration to make my own home as charming and comfortable as I can. I also enjoy watching some of the shows on TV that completely renovate or decorate homes, especially Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines. Not only do I enjoy Jo's style of decorating, I really enjoy the interaction between Jo and Chip while they work on the episode's highlighted project. It is interesting to note that they work primarily on projects around Waco and have been instrumental in breathing new economic life into Waco and the surrounding areas. In addition to their renovation work, they created an entire Magnolia universe on a parcel of property in the center of downtown Waco. There are shops, food trucks, open space for relaxing, and even an historic chapel if you want a moment to sit quietly and reflect on your (potential) purchases.

I have always thought about visiting the Magnolia complex, but haven't really had a reason to go anywhere near Waco. It seemed like an awfully long trip from upstate New York just to shop for home decor. However, when planning to drive cross country with Madison to help her move to Colorado, I figured it would be a perfect detour before I flew back home. As luck would have it, the weekend I was planning to go turned out to be Magnolia's annual Silobration event and this year was celebrating their 20th Anniversary. I am so glad I thought to take this opportunity to check it out because I loved every minute of my Magnolia experience!

Amazing Shopping at the Magnolia Stores

Shopping is the main attraction at the Magnolia complex and it does not disappoint. Here are the stores to browse:

  • Magnolia Market: This is the cornerstone of the Magnolia brand. The large space is filled with products curated by Jo as well as some antique items in their "Found and Collected" line. You can also shop online at in case you won't be in Waco any time soon. Online browsing, as well as pursuing their collection of products in Target's Home Department, are how I get my decorating inspiration!

  • Magnolia Home: Magnolia Home focuses mostly on the bigger items of home, rugs, tables, etc. It also has some selection of decorating accessories that crosses over with Magnolia Market.

Magnolia Home Waco Texas
Entrance to Magnolia Home

Magnolia Home Waco Texas
A glimpse inside Magnolia Home
  • Shops at the Silos: Shops at the Silos are six smaller curated shops each featuring a specific style and theme. The Shops sell items ranging from bath and body products, men's accessories, house plants, women's clothing, and paper and books. Click here for a more detailed description of each shop. The Shops surround a peaceful green open space flanked by the historic chapel. It feels like a more peaceful and intimate shopping experience.

Shops at the Silos Waco Texas Chapel
The green space in front of the Shops at the Silos

Ferny's Retro Plant Shop: Described as a "plant shop with a retro twist", this shop is curated by Jo's younger sister, Mikey. It features potted house plants which have each been given a name (like Mabel, Susie, etc.-just making those up, but you get the idea). You can pick your favorite plant and take it home with you. Like a pet! I would be too afraid to do that as I tend to kill plants and if it had an actual name it would feel more personal and upsetting.

Ferny's Shops at the Silos Waco Texas
Ferny's Retro Plant Shop

Chapter One: This Shop has a wide selection of stationery, cards, and books. It was beautifully arranged and it was one of my favorite shops. It felt so calm and peaceful in there. I bought a gorgeous handmade journal with a unique periwinkle colored pen. If only I would commit to journaling on a regular basis! I have no excuses now that I have a beautiful journal and a pretty pen to use.

Chapter One Shops at the Silos Waco Texas
Charming display at Chapter One

Chapter One Shops at the Silos Waco Texas
Beautiful inspirational journal from Chapter One

No. 16: This store is named after Chip's baseball jersey (many years ago) and features lots of sports themed products and retro gift items.

Tried and True: A store with beautiful leather bags and accessories as well as other classic fashion accessories.

Vie Bien Aimee: This shop features luxurious bath and body products.I bought some amazing skin lotion because my skin was feeling so dry out West!

Reverie: A women's clothing boutique with classic, timeless pieces that will stay in style for years.

Delicious Food at Magnolia

With all of the browsing and shopping to be done at the Magnolia complex, I needed sustenance to keep my energy levels up. I was in luck as there are plenty of places to eat around the complex! I obviously didn't try all the available options, but I can definitely say that what I did sample was amazing! Here are the various options:

  • Magnolia Press: I started my first morning off at Magnolia Press. There was a bit of a line, but it got way longer as I stood there. Again, it was Silobration so the crowds were worse, but I am guessing that a line is not unusual at this place. Plan to get there early if you go. They serve a variety of hot drinks and sweet or savory pastries. I ordered the Almond Croissant and it was the best one I have ever had! Check out the menu here.

  • Silos Baking Co.: Another popular spot to get a sweet treat is the Silos Baking Co. Check out all of the delicious things you can get here. I never got a chance to go here because the line was always SUPER long. I am really bummed about that because everything on the menu sounds amazing!

Silos Baking Co. Waco Texas
Long line at the Silos Baking Co.
  • Magnolia Table: The Magnolia Table restaurant is located a short drive from the Magnolia complex. It is housed in an historic building that used to be the Elite Cafe, a local favorite diner with deep roots in the community. When the Elite Cafe decided to close its doors in 2016, Chip and Jo decided to buy the place and continue its' long tradition as a gathering place. Magnolia Table was created in its place. Reservations are usually required as it gets really busy. But don't despair if you didn't plan ahead, Magnolia Table has a Take Away entrance where you can order from a limited menu or pick up pre-made meals. There is also a take away option for Magnolia Table at Magnolia Table at Concessions which is located right in the Magnolia complex. This is where I got to experience food from Magnolia Table. You can check out the condensed menu options below. I ordered Jo's Chicken Salad Sandwich and it was delicious!

  • Magnolia Food Trucks: One of the cool things about the Magnolia complex is all of the food trucks that they have located throughout the grounds. There are all different types of food available from the food trucks from gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches (which unfortunately I did not have time to try), gluten free waffles with a variety of toppings, tex-mex tacos, individual pizzas, corndogs and much more! Check out the list of food truck vendors here. Over the course of two days I had the chance to try Waffle Chic, Sweet Maggies and 900 Degree Pizza. I was perfectly satisfied every time!

Magnolia Grounds

In addition to all of the shopping and eating you can do at Magnolia, you can also take some time to relax and enjoy the moment. There are plenty of tables and chairs set up around the grounds, a large open space with bean bags and lawn chairs, some corn hole boards, a small baseball park, a Photo Booth, a garden area, a chapel, and plenty other photo-worthy spots every where you look. Pictures can explain better than words...

Silobration at Magnolia

Silobration Shops at the Silos Waco Texas
Silobration entrance to the Shops at the Silos

All of the things I have described above can be seen year round at the Magnolia complex. However, if that is not enough Magnolia for you, you can always plan your trip during the annual Silobration which is held in October every year. At Silobration there is a vendor fair along the side street of the Magnolia complex, daily entertainment and trivia contests, and a special ticketed event to spend the evening with Chip and Jo and ask questions about their amazing journey building the Magnolia empire! I bought a ticket to the Chip and Jo event and really enjoyed hearing their perspective on how their business has grown (the ups and the downs) and watching them interact in person (it is exactly the same as the show!). I didn't plan to be there during Silobration, but I am so glad it worked out that way. However, one benefit to not being there during Silobration is that the crowds would be significantly smaller which would make for a better shopping experience.

Another special time to be at Magnolia is the Christmas season. They were already promoting the Christmas event while I was there!

Christmas Silos Magnolia Waco Texas
Christmas at the Silos would be magical!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Waco at the Magnolia Silos complex. It is a perfect girls' getaway or mother-daughter trip. But I don't want to be sexist, there were lots of men there enjoying everything Magnolia as well. I highly recommend a visit at least once to experience the magic Chip and Jo have created in Waco. I will also have some other blogs coming shortly about the other hidden gems I discovered in Waco so you will have plenty to do once you are all shopped out! In the meantime, don't forget to check out for on-line shopping, design inspiration, and all the other great content they have on their site. (I'm not affiliated...I just love their brand!)


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