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Cocktail Mixing Class at Lucy's Bar...a Great Idea for Your Next Group Gathering!

If you follow my blog, you know I am a big fan of Lucy's Bar, a quaint cocktail bar in Saratoga Springs, New York. You might have read about how Lucy's creative bartender, Justin, makes his own seasonal concoctions (I specifically highlighted one called Sweater Weather made with homemade Nutella syrup and a toasted marshmallow on top!). So imagine my excitement when Whitney, the owner of Silverado Jewelry Gallery where I work part-time, told us she rented out Lucy's Bar for a team-building cocktail making event!

The evening totally met my expectations. The Silverado gang had the bar to ourselves for a couple of hours. Lucy's had set up the whole space to prepare us for making our craft cocktails under the guidance of Justin himself. When you entered into Lucy's for the event, it looked amazing!

The Cocktails

During the course of the evening, we made three different cocktails. Justin had non-alcoholic modifications for those in the group who weren't drinking. We measured, we muddled, we sliced, we juiced, we shook, we poured, and finally we garnished to add that special craft cocktail touch. It was so much fun!

Here are the cocktails we mixed:

  • Blackberry Mojito-A delicious drink with muddled blackberries and fresh mint.

  • The Whitney-Not an official drink on Lucy's drink menu, but one that was specifically created for my boss, Whitney. It is made with fresh lemon juice, grapefruit juice and tequila. The special ingredient is a pour of rosemary syrup. I am not a huge citrus fan, but this drink is delicious and would be a really refreshing summer cocktail. If Justin is working next time I go in, I may see if I can order "off-menu" and get the Whitney. If not, I know how to make it at home now!

  • Espresso Martini-I am embarrassed to admit that I am late to the game with this cocktail. Justin told us it is now the most ordered drink in America. I don't drink coffee and don't like martinis so was sure I would not like it. I was COMPLETELY wrong! I now understand why the drink is so popular. It was delicious. The non-alcoholic version was made with Almond milk and that was almost better than the "real" one! The almond milk gave it a more creamy texture which was amazing!

Attend Your Own Lucy's Event

If you are planning some type of group event (birthday party, girl's night out/bachelorette party, work function, etc.), I would seriously consider planning an event at Lucy's Bar. In addition to the cocktail making class, they also offer wine-tasting or whiskey tasting. You can contact Lucy's here to check availability, capacity and pricing.

In addition to private events, Lucy's Bar also frequently hosts special events that anyone can sign up for. Around Valentine's Day they hosted a Galentine's Event to make a heart shaped charcuterie board. Two cocktails are generally included with the cost of the event as well as the supplies for the event. They have an upcoming Paint and Sip event in partnership with local artist Jean Ellen Sotansky of Loves Colors LLC. Included in the price is two cocktails, painting instruction from Ms. Sotansky and a take home canvas of a Frido Kahlo painting that you create! The Paint and Sip event is scheduled for Monday, March 13, 2023. Purchase tickets here.


I don't think Justin needs to be worried that I will take his bartending job any time soon, but it was fun to pretend like I was professional drink maker for a couple of hours. He taught us how to properly use some of the drink making tools and gave us a little history on each of the drinks (did you know that espresso martinis started as a "pharmaceutical" remedy to headaches?). We all had so much fun making cocktails and hanging out with each other while we enjoyed our concoctions. It is definitely a great way to spend an evening with your favorite group of people. Thank you to Whitney and Silverado Jewelry Gallery for planning such a great event. Thank you to Justin, Kelsey and Lucy's Bar for hosting us.


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