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Visit Seattle's "Speakeasy" Restaurant for the Best Bolognese Sauce and Unusual Entertainment!

Seattle is an area that is known for its fresh seafood, rich coffee and abundant microbrews. There are seafood restaurants and microbreweries on every corner. Need a cup of coffee? There is a Starbucks every few steps (of course), not to mention a gazillion other gourmet coffee shops every where you turn. But what is a girl to do if she finds herself in Seattle and she doesn't like seafood, microbrews OR coffee?!? Not to worry...I did not starve or go thirsty. Turns out there are lots of delicious options for us "foodie outcasts".

After doing some investigative research and getting a recommendation from a Seattle local, I chose to grab lunch at a spot called The Pink Door which is located on Post Alley, just a few steps away from Seattle's famed Pike Place Market. As I wandered down Post Alley, I bumped into other "Pink Door" explorers looking for the restaurant. We came upon a pale pink door with the pale pink barred windows, but there was no external signage indicating that we had found the restaurant. I timidly opened the pale pink door and was greeted by a bustling, crowded room filled with people. It felt distinctly like the speakeasy I went to in Washington DC, the low-key exterior completely masking the activity and energy going on behind the door!

As I was alone, I made my way to the bar and snagged a seat. The local that gave me the head's up about this restaurant recommended that I order the Lasagne or the Bolognese (telling me it would be the best Bolognese I would ever have!). I decided on the Bolognese and can honestly report that it WAS the best Bolognese I have ever had! The meal was served with freshly baked bread which is always provided at no cost! All dishes are prepared using in season produce from small to medium local farms and are inspired by the owner's Italian-American upbringing in upstate New York. Although the Lasagne and Bolognese are especially popular, I don't think you can go wrong with any item on the menu.

Complimenting the excellent food is the eclectic vibe of the restaurant. It is located in a historic space that used to house a violin shop. The space is filled with artistic touches and ephemeral design pieces creating an enchanting environment. Adding to the dreamlike feel is the unique and varied entertainment provided nightly. I intended to return the next night to catch the trapeze artist who performs tricks high above diners in the main dining room, but had a scheduling conflict and couldn't make it back to catch the show. They also have roving tarot card readers and cabaret acts for diner's enjoyment.

Even if you are a fan of seafood, coffee and microbrews, I would make sure to visit The Pink Door if you find yourself in Seattle. And make sure you go for dinner so you don't miss the unique nightly entertainment. How many people can say they have eaten dinner with a trapeze artist doing tricks nearby!

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