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What's New, Saratoga? Golf, Grub and Good Times at Saratoga's Latest Hotspot

Updated: May 6

It's Par-Tee time in Saratoga! If you are a local or a regular visitor to Saratoga Springs, you will be delighted to learn that there is a new hotspot in the downtown area. Or, if you are just discovering Saratoga Springs, you will be delighted to learn about a great new place to kick off your exploration of this vibrant city! On the corner of Broadway and Congress Streets (right across from the Historic Congress Park), a new luxury sports bar has opened offering a place to play a round of indoor golf, watch your favorite sports teams or just hang out with friends enjoying the great atmosphere and the delicious food.

Saratoga Springs The Bunker Indoor Golf
The Luxurious Interior of The Bunker in Saratoga Springs.

The Bunker Story:

According to The Bunker's website, lifelong friends Troy Miller and Burl McCutcheon came up with the concept of The Bunker after their first experience playing indoor golf. The friends brainstormed about what they thought would make the best possible indoor golf experience and from that discussion the idea for The Bunker was born. They opened their first location in Guilderland in October 2019, just a few short months after their brainstorming session. The reception to the initial Bunker location was so positive, they have continued to expand creating additional Bunker locations in North Greenbush, Clifton Park, Mohawk Harbor, New Hartford and, of course, the newest one in Saratoga Springs. I was told they are also opening a new golf simulation location in Latham in partnership with VENT Fitness to provide focused training programs to help golfers bring their game to the next level.

From that first discussion after their initial indoor golf experience, Troy and Burl have created a space for a different type of sports bar/sports entertainment business. The guiding principle that has led them to success with their brand is to provide exceptional customer service in a luxury environment using the best technology available (all locations use the foremost golf simulation technology TRACKMAN). The Bunker in Saratoga Springs looks to fill a much needed gap in the Saratoga bar scene where patrons of all ages can come to enjoy a fun evening.

Saratoga Springs The Bunker Indoor Golf
Perfect Picture of Everything The Bunker Has to Offer!

What Can You Find at The Bunker?

The Bunker Vibe:

I love the vibe at the Saratoga Bunker location. It is open and bright with TV's everywhere! My first time going to The Bunker was during March Madness and you could catch every game on at least one TV. I am a huge football fan so I look forward to catching some college and NFL games at The Bunker with friends.

The Saratoga location has two floors and although each floor has golf bays, each area has a distinct vibe. The downstairs has more of a restaurant feel with lots of tables and plenty of TVs around the space. When the weather is nice the outside walls slide away to create an open air feel. When I went to meet with the Events Coordinator, it was a beautiful day and the restaurant walls were all open. It was amazing!

Upstairs has more of a club/party feel. When The Bunker has DJs, this is generally where they play. There are TV's upstairs as well, so you won't miss the game, but you will probably be more occupied with socializing. The wide windows that surround the upstairs space open up to provide fresh air and a wide open view to the surrounding Saratoga area (including beautiful Congress Park). It gave me a Nashville-type vibe.

Saratoga Springs The Bunker
Party Atmosphere on the Second Floor

Both spaces are great and I can definitely see myself using both, especially in the summer and during track season. I have a feeling this place will be quite the hotspot.

The Bunker Activities:

  • Golf, of course! The Bunker uses the best golf simulation technology (TRACKMAN) to offer customers a wide selection of indoor golf experiences. Not a golfer (like me)? That's ok! You can join your friends in a round of simulated mini golf or play a game of Target Practice. For the more seasoned golf enthusiasts, there are several options to play a round of golf or work on your golf skills. The TRACKMAN technology is the same tool used by golf professionals (including Tiger Woods) to keep them at the top of their game. You can bring your own golf clubs if you prefer, but they do have clubs available for people like me that don't have their own. And let's not forget the kids! You can have a family night out playing on the golf simulator and The Bunker has kid's clubs available for use. The Saratoga Bunker location has six bays that can be rented by the hour. You can go with a group and split the hourly rate, but please note if you have more than 8 people in your group you will need to reserve through Event Booking. The price will be the same, but they like to be prepared for larger groups in order to make sure they can provide the high level of customer service that is their guiding principle. For hourly reservation rates click here.

  • In addition to the individual bays, you can also rent the VIP Room for private events or parties. The VIP Room includes one golf simulator bay as well as two electronic dart boards and lots of space to hang out and lounge around. There are different packages that vary according to the number of golf bays you want, how many guests and what food and drink are included. Check the website here to get more information if you are interested in hosting an event at The Bunker.

  • Watch your favorite teams on any one of the many TVs around The Bunker. This place is the perfect spot to round up a group of friends to watch the big game. There is lots of space, lots of TVS and great food and drink to keep you full and hydrated.

Saratoga Springs The Bunker
Lots of TVs and Luxurious Setting to Watch the Big Game!

  • Hang out with friends and listen to music! On Friday and Saturday nights (and maybe more often during track season?) The Bunker has a DJ playing tunes on the second floor. Once in a while they provide live music as well. There does not appear to be an official dance floor, but I wouldn't be surprised if impromptu dance parties break out when the DJ is playing.

The Bunker Food and Drink:

The Bunker in Saratoga has a full menu of delicious food choices. I was told that the Saratoga menu is a bit different than the other locations offering a wider selection including gourmet paninis, specialty wraps and a variety of salads. I have ordered a flatbread pizza with apples, brie and fig jam both times I have went to The Bunker because it was THAT GOOD. I need to make myself order something different next time I go, but it is going to be hard because I really love that apple, brie and fig jam combination. Click here to see the Saratoga food menu. They also have a kid menu for the little ones in your party.

The Bunker has a full bar with lots of options. Their cocktail menu is seasonal and new concoctions will be offered. I was told their Spring cocktail menu is coming in May! In addition to the wide selection of drinks, they also have this unique contraption called The Tower. The Tower holds multiple servings so you can order it for a group or just for yourself if you are planning a crazy night! It can be filled with beer or cocktails. Price obviously depends on your drink of choice. Fun!

The Bunker Saratoga Springs Indoor Golf
The Famous Bunker Tower

Saratoga Springs The Bunker Indoor Golf
Seasonal Cocktail Menus

The Bunker Saratoga Specifics:

I am sure you are itching to visit The Bunker in Saratoga Springs after reading about all they have to offer! So here is the important information you need to know:

Address: 307 Broadway, Saratoga Springs

Parking: There is parking in the rear of the building (off Congress Street)

Hours: M-Th 11 am to 11 pm

Fri/Sat 9 am to 11pm

Sun 9 am to 8 pm

NOTE: Check here for hours during the summer and track season as they may be extended.

Golf and Dining Reservations: Click here

What's New at The Bunker?

I was given some inside scoop that The Bunker may soon be offering Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10-2. I am sure this will be a popular option during the summer track season, so you will probably want to make reservations if you want to try it out. The Event Coordinator explained to me that as the Saratoga location is open for a longer period of time there may be additional changes coming. She said that Saratoga is a different type of location so they may have more opportunity to plan fun things. They need to let the dust settle from the opening and see the community and tourist response and then plan events and activities that fit with the crowd and the vibe. So keep your eye on their website (and this blog) for updates on fun new things to check out! In the meantime, go and check out this new Saratoga hotspot!

Saratoga Springs The Bunker Indoor Golf
Broadway Entrance to The Bunker

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