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Best Places to Shop in Nashville

There is so much to do in Nashville, you might think that you will not have any time for shopping. But that would be a mistake! There are several places you will want to check out in order to pick up those special gifts for family or friends left at home or that special something that will always remind you of your incredible trip to Nashville!

The Gulch: You can find some of the usual chain stores like Urban Outfitters and Lululemon in The Gulch, but you can also find chic boutiques that have unique vibes with trendy clothing and home decor items. One store in particular that I loved was Kittenish, a very pink and very girly boutique owned by Jesse James Decker. The branding in the store was on-point and the prices were reasonable. Not to mention the confidence-building wall mural that says "You're like, really pretty!" It is just fun to shop there! There is also a store in The Gulch called Paddywax Candle Bar where you can sip mimosas and make your own candle with a variety of fragrances to choose from. Also make note that the Insta-famous Nashville wings photo spot is located in The Gulch so make time to snap that shot and include the hashtags #WhatLiftsYou #NashvilleGulch when you post it on Instagram.

Marathon Village: Marathon Village is a stop on the Old Town Trolley route. Marathon Motor Works is an old automobile factory that has been transformed into a unique retail complex. Stores here include Antique Archaeology (owned by American Picker's star Mike Wolfe), Jack Daniels and Harley Davidson stores that sell licensed merchandise, souvenir shops, an olive oil shop and a distillery and winery that offer tastings. In addition to the stores, there are artifacts from the auto manufacturing history that line the halls giving the location a unique and interesting feel. The half an hour time between Trolleys gives you just enough time to check out this area and hop back on to continue your Trolley tour.

Broadway: Mixed in along the honky tonks on Broadway are stores that sell authentic cowboy apparel like boots and hats. They are ready to outfit you so you can fit in with the crowd. There is also upscale shopping right outside the Assembly Food Hall on 5th and Broadway with stores like Free People, Sephora, the Apple Store, Ariat and the Nash Collection (where I found my really cute NASH sweatshirt to remember my trip!).

Let me know if you know of any other cute stores to check out on my next visit to Nashville. I always make time to fit in a little retail therapy!

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