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Give Your Feet a Treat at the Adirondack Foot Sanctuary

Adirondack Foot Sanctuary Saratoga Springs
Entrance to Adirondack Foot Sanctuary in Saratoga Springs

A few months ago I was taking a stroll around Saratoga and noticed something new...a little place called Adirondack Foot Sanctuary. When I got home I looked it up and discovered it is a spa business located in Lake Placid that had opened a new location in Saratoga Springs. I perused the menu of services, and as the name of the business suggests, it provides spa services to pamper your feet! Each foot treatment is called a "ritual" and they promise you will leave their Sanctuary relaxed and rejuvenated. That sounded like something I wanted to experience!

I called my friend Kathleen and she was in (she is never one to turn down one of my requests to check out a spa...all for the blog, of course!). Adirondack Foot Sanctuary offers a ritual for two that you can book with your gal pal or as a unique date idea. Kathleen and I booked a side by side experience and made a day of it. After a yummy breakfast at Sweet Mimi's (which is just down the block), we excitedly headed to the Adirondack Foot Sanctuary to get relaxed and rejuventated.

We started the experience by drawing an intention card. I drew the "True Offering" card which seemed fitting for me and my situation at the time. We hopped up onto the couch and sat side by side to begin our treatment. As our massage therapist prepared for our foot ritual, she poured us a cup of warm apple cinnamon tea and gave us a warm neck wrap for our neck and shoulders.

Adirondack Foot Sanctuary Saratoga Springs
Intention Cards to set the mood.

Adirondack Foot Sanctuary Saratoga Springs
Ready for relaxation and rejuvenation!

Adirondack Foot Sanctuary offers several types of rituals that offer different experiences. You can also add on to the foot rituals with various "Treatment Enhancements" such as paraffin treatments, a scalp treatment, a hydrating face mask with reviving ice globes, hydrating hand treatments and illuminating eye gels. Check out the menu of foot rituals and Treatment Enhancements here.

Our specific experience kicked off with an infusion of essential oils. The therapist poured a few drops into our hands and instructed us to take a deep breath. The oil was used throughout the treatment so it was a nice way to start the ritual.

Kathleen got a Dead Sea salt exfoliation and then enjoyed an ADK Signature Soak with herbal infused water and hot stones. While she soaked, I got a wonderful foot and lower leg massage with the hot stones. Then I got the exfoliation treatment and soak while Kathleen got her foot and leg massage. Our legs were wrapped in warm towels to soak in all of the luxerious attention they got.

Adirondack Foot Sanctuary Saratoga Springs
Warm towels in a cozy foot wrap.

If all of that isn't relaxing enough, we also each got a glorious scalp massage. You don't even know you need a scalp massage until you are getting one. So relaxing! The whole experience ends with a slathering of thick lotion to moisturize your feet and lower legs before you head out.

Slathering of lotion after a luxurious foot ritual.

We definitely had a great day and left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. We both work part-time at Silverado Jewelry Gallery and spend a lot of time on our feet. It was a nice treat to have a spa experience that focuses solely (pun intended) on the part of your body that bears the brunt of day to day activities! I highly recommend Adirondack Foot Sanctuary to treat yourself or for a unique, fun girl's day out.

Adirondack Foot Sanctuary Saratoga Springs
Wise words and a little foot humor.


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