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Update on Brookledge-Rustic Elegance for Glamping, Weddings and Other Events

Brookledge Saratoga Springs
At the entrance to Brookledge

Last year I posted a blog about a hidden gem right outside of Saratoga Springs called Brookledge. Brookledge is a property with a rich history that was purchased a couple of years ago by my new friend Helen Christopher and her husband. My previous blog post features the beautiful cabins on the property that are available to book for a rustic getaway just a short drive from Saratoga. My original blog also highlights the historic Camp Chapel site used for outdoor weddings and the Fireside Pavilion and Raymond's Roost that can be used for wedding receptions or other events. Click here to read my original blog about the origins of Brookledge and the initial renovations the Christophers did to rejuvenate the property using most of the original buildings from the Campfire Girls Camp that used to occupy the location.

The Christophers have been hard at work over the last year making even more improvements and renovations to Brookledge. I figured it was time for me to go check it out and see what they have been up to. I was blown away by all they have accomplished.

Here is a peek into the new things you can find at Brookledge:

Camp Chapel:

Brookledge Saratoga Springs wedding site
Historic fireplace at Camp Chapel at Brookledge

In my first blog, I highlighted the Camp Chapel, an area at Brookledge that is used to hold outdoor weddings. The bride and groom typically stand in front of an old stone fireplace that appears to be left over from when the property was used as a country getaway for rich German families who lived in NYC. I first saw the fireplace in late fall when most leaves had fallen from the trees and winter was definitely on its way. This time, I saw the fireplace in its full glory covered with rich green moss highlighting the full forest behind it. It is a stunning place to hold a wedding.

There have been several upgrades to the Camp Chapel area including steps down from the newly renovated Treehouse Lodge (where brides typically get ready) and nice wooden benches for wedding guests. If you are looking for a beautiful place to have a rustic, nature-inspired ceremony, you should definitely check out Brookledge! Click here for more information on wedding packages and contact information for Helen Christopher who can help you plan your perfect wedding day!

Brookledge Saratoga Springs Weddings
Stairs down to Camp Chapel

Treehouse Lodge:

Brookledge Saratoga Springs
Tree House Lodge

When I visited Brookledge last fall, they were right in the middle of renovating what is now known as the Tree House Lodge. At that time, Helen told me her vision for the space which was to make it a place where families could come stay with kids. The upstairs room is equipped with bunk beds and it definitely feels like you are in a tree house. An open window looks out on the space below and has a perfect view of the star shaped lights hanging from the living room ceiling. It feels like you are gazing out on a starry night.

Brookledge Saratoga Springs
Star Lights in Tree House Lodge

The master bedroom on the first floor of the Tree House Lodge is appropriately decorated in the tree house theme with cuttings from trees on the property. The living room is large and can accommodate a number of people if the Tree House Lodge is used to host a bridal shower, family reunion or other corporate or personal event. Helen came up with the decorating ideas for the Tree House Lodge (using materials from around the property where possible) and I told her I thought she missed her calling because the decor creates the perfect tree house aesthetic and the space is warm and cozy. As mentioned above, the Tree House Lodge is frequently used by brides and her bridal party to get ready for a wedding at Brookledge.

The Tree House Lodge also has a large kitchen area that can be used to prepare family meals or to make food and/or organize catered food that is brought in for an event. There are further renovations coming for the kitchen area, but it is still very nice and completely functional in the meantime!

Glamping Tents:

On my last visit, only the tent platforms existed so I didn't get to see what "glamping" was all about. Brookledge has two glamping tents called "Snoopy" and "Woodstock" (after the bus names used to transport girls during the Campgirls Camp days). There are hand carved statues of Snoopy and Woodstock on the patio of each tent to tell you which is which. The statues were carved by a local artist.

Brookledge Saratoga Springs Glamping
Woodstock Glamping Tent

Brookledge Saratoga Springs Glamping
Snoopy Glamping Tent

In full disclosure, I do not like camping. I have tried over the years, but it is just not my thing. However, after looking at the inside of the glamping tents, I told Helen I would definitely consider camping in one of these. The platform beds looked comfy and there was electricity in the tent! The glamping tents are just steps away from the Ice Bucket pond and just a short distance from the newly renovated bath houses. If I am saying I would consider camping in the glamping tents, you KNOW they must be really nice!

Bath House:

Brookledge kept the original bath houses used at the Campfire Girls camp. When I visited last fall, the shower of the bath house had been installed, but the bath houses were still fairly rustic. They have been completely renovated and a coin-operated laundry facility has been added. There are several bathroom stalls and a private shower area. Even though you are "roughing it", you still have the convenience of modern indoor plumbing and can even do a load of laundry if there is an unexpected fall in the mud or the Ice Bucket Pond. That sounds like the kind of "roughing it" I can get on board with!

Brookledge Saratoga Springs
Laundry Room at Brookledge

Other Fun Additions:

The Fireside Pavilion has a few improvements that polished it up a bit, but it still has its rustic charm. There is a revamped fireplace, a new small bar (but Raymond's Roost is just a few steps away with a full bar area) and life-size games like Connect Four. They also added lighting to create ambiance for events that are held there. It is a beautiful space and if you check out the Brookledge Instagram (brookledgeny) you can check out pictures of the various events that have been held there and how the Pavilion has been decorated. I recently saw pictures of the Pavilion being prepared for a wedding reception and it looked absolutely stunning!

Brookledge Saratoga Springs Fireside Pavilion
Fireside Pavilion at Brookledge

Ice Bucket Pond is obviously still there and there are kayaks and other equipment that you can use free of charge to enjoy the Pond. What is new is that it has been stocked with fish that you can catch and release or if you are like me you can just enjoy watching them, especially when Helen throws in some fish food and they all go crazy!

I thought Brookledge was a unique and amazing place before, but the Christophers have elevated it to a whole new level. If you are looking for a "Fancy Flannel" or "Rustic Elegance" experience, then Brookledge is the place for you. Whether you are just looking for a vacation spot or planning a special event you should consider Brookledge. And if you are planning a wedding and searching for a venue with a natural setting and rustic charm, you should definitely consider Brookledge. Don't forget to also check out my first blog on Brookledge for a complete picture of the various accommodations and amenities at Brookledge.

There are now five different accommodations to book depending on what kind of experience you are looking for. You can book any of the accommodations through Airbnb, or VRBO, but if you contact Helen directly you can avoid the fees generally charged by these sites. You will need to contact Helen directly to reserve the Pavilion, Raymond's Roost or the Tree House Lodge for a wedding or special event. Helen's contact information can be found here.

Brookledge is a one of a kind place. I am so glad I got to know Helen and have been able to watch her and her husband create the space they dreamed of when they first saw this property years ago. You should see it for yourself as I am not sure my words can adequately convey the magic of the place. You may just find it is the perfect spot for you to unwind and relax or to host your special event!


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