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The Best 10 Day Itinerary for the Amalfi Coast!

Amalfi Coast Italy Positano Path of the Gods
View of Positano from the Path of the Gods

If the Amalfi Coast in Italy is not on your travel bucket list yet, I highly recommend that you add it (and bump it up to the top of that list!). I went on an amazing 10 day trip on the Amalfi Coast last May with my two daughters and it was literally one of the most memorable trips I have ever taken. We did a lot of research before we left and came up with a pretty good itinerary that lets you explore most of the highlights of the Amalfi Coast (and a few of the hidden gems). Our itinerary consisted of two nights in Rome (first and last nights for flight), one night in Salerno, three nights in Amalfi, two nights in Capri and two nights in Sorrento. You can also easily stay in one spot along the Coast and utilize the ferries to visit the other towns. However, we found that it was very nice to be in spots like Amalfi and Capri at night after the ferry had taken most day-trip tourists away.

There are many more amazing locations along the Amalfi Coast and we didn't have a chance to check them all out. So you may want to use this itinerary as a starting point and do your own research to add any hidden gems you discover.


Pantheon Rome Italy
The Pantheon in Rome

When we were booking our trip, flights to Rome were cheaper than flights to Naples, so we chose to fly in to Rome and take a train down to Salerno. It is also an option take trains from Rome to Naples and then Sorrento to start an Amalfi Coast tour from there. Check flights to both Rome and Naples to see which one works best for you and your travel crew. Naples airport is closer to the Amalfi Coast and could cut down on travel time, but for us the tickets to Naples were a lot more expensive. Oh well, it gave us a chance to check out some things we missed in Rome on previous visits!

  • Check into Hotel. (We stayed at the Navona Theatre Hotel which has a very central location so it is easy to walk to everything. Check it out here.

Navona Theatre Hotel in Rome Italy
Navona Theatre Hotel in Rome
  • Grab a bite to eat and a SHORT nap (no more than 2 hours) to ease jet lag.

  • Walk to Castel Sant'Angelo and Vatican City. I toured Vatican City on a prior trip so we just walked around outside on this visit. But taking a tour of Vatican City is a must do if you are spending time in Rome. Be sure to reserve tickets before your trip (and perhaps buy a skip the line package) as the Vatican and Vatican City is a very popular tourist site. Castel Sant'Angelo is right next to the Vatican and it has a dramatic entrance that provides a setting for some great pictures! There is also a tour of Castel Sant'Angelo which is probably very interesting as this is where past popes have fled to be protected when danger was anticipated. Unfortunately we were short on time so didn't have a chance to check it out. The outside views of Castel Sant'Angelo and Vatican City are still worth the visit even if you don't have time for the tours.

Castel Sant'Angelo Rome Italy
Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome

Vatican City Rome Italy
Fontane di Piazza Pietro outside of Vatican City
  • Head to dinner. We ate dinner in the Trastevere neighborhood where there are a lot of good restaurants. As both of my daughters have Celiac Disease and have to eat gluten free (or Senza Gluten in Italian), all of the restaurants we went to have gluten free options. The restaurant we went to in Rome, Mama Eat, is well-known for their gluten-free options and they even advertise it on their storefront. I had a local pasta specialty, ER Casio e Pepe, and it was delicious!

Mama Eat Trastevere Rome Italy
Delicious pasta dinner at Mama Eat
  • Spanish Steps at Sunset. Going to see the Spanish Steps at sunset offers beautiful scenery and a few less people.


  • Get up early to see Trevi Fountain before (massive) crowds. We got there just before 8 am and there were still a lot of people, but not as many as there are later in the day!

  • Go get in line to enter Pantheon when it opens at 9 am. After walking through the Pantheon, grab breakfast at one of the outdoor cafés in front of the Pantheon.

  • Train to Salerno and take afternoon to explore Salerno's Old Town and walk along the Trieste Lungomare, the seaside promenade.

  • Dinner at Ristorante Cicirinella. I forgot to take a picture of my pasta dish, but I will tell you it was one of the best meals I have ever had! I ordered their speciality pasta dish, Penne Scarpariello, which is penne pasta in a tomato sauce with basil, parmesan cheese and chili peppers so it has a touch of spice. They had several gluten free options and seafood entrees. The service was excellent and the restaurant is located right in the historic old town district. I highly recommend this spot!

Salerno Italy Amalfi Coast
Cicirinella Restaurant in Salerno


  • Take morning ferry to Amalfi and enjoy the views of the Coast.

  • We opted to get an Airbnb in Amalfi and had a PERFECT spot just steps from the ferry port and close to Piazza Duomo and the center of town. We also had an excellent view of the sea off our balcony. If you are interested in booking this Airbnb just click here.

Amalfi Italy Amalfi Coast
View of Amalfi from our Airbnb balcony.
  • Go to Cathedral of Saint Andrew (Duomo di Sant Andrea) and check out the the relics of St. Andrew the Apostle, which were brought to the city from Constantinople in 1208. Admission to the Cathedral is free. While we were there we got a chance to observe an Italian baptism.

  • Located right next to the Cathedral of Saint Andrew is the adjoining 9th Century Basilica of the Crucifix, the Cloister del Paradiso and the crypts of Saint Andrew. There is a 3 Euro charge to enter these areas, but I recommend doing it. It is amazing to see the history and architecture from the 9th century.

  • Shop at stores along Via Lorenzo and grab dinner and gelato.


  • Hike the Path of the Gods from Bonerano to Nocelle. I wrote a more in depth blog about this experience and all of the details here, but this is a MUST DO while on the Amalfi Coast. The views are breath-taking!

  • Hike to Nocelle and then take bus down to Positano. Grab lunch at Chez Black and relax on the beach at Positano. I suggest making reservations for Chez Black as it a very popular spot. Check out the menu and make a reservation here. I went for the basic bolognese but it was anything but basic! It was soooo good, especially after the long hike. The beach right in front of the restaurant is a free public beach and there are public restrooms close by to change into your swimsuit.

  • Walk around Positano and shop in the many cute shops and boutiques before catching the last ferry back to Amalfi.


  • Take bus or taxi up to Ravello. Walk around town and grab breakfast at outdoor cafe overlooking the Coast. Read my more in-depth blog on Ravello here.

Ravello Amalfi Coast Duomo
Historic Ravello Duomo
  • Visit Villa Rufolo, an historic villa built in the 13th century, that boasts beautiful gardens and panoramic views of the Coast from the hilltop village. Tickets for entry are 7 Euro for adults, 5 Euro for children.

  • Visit Villa Cimbrone, another historic villa and perhaps the crown jewel of Ravello. Villa Cimbrone provides jaw-dropping views of the Mediterranean Sea and the dramatic Amalfi coastline. The Terrace of Infinity provides Insta-worthy backdrops for the perfect vacation pic.

  • Lunch at Ristorante Villa Maria that is located a short walk from Villa Cimbrone. It has a great location overlooking the coast and the Lemoncello and Hugo Spritzes were refreshing!

Ravello Villa Maria
Refreshing Lemoncello Spritz at Ristorante Villa Maria
  • Walk down from Ravello to Atrani, a small fishing village along the coast. But be advised, even though you are walking down this trip is not for those with bad knees! Rumor is there are around 1,700 steps on the way down. I can personally attest that this feels like an accurate number! If you feel like you can handle it, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views.


Capri Amalfi Coast Italy
View of Capri from the ferry.
  • Take morning ferry to Capri and check into Hotel Gatto Bianco. This hotel is right in the middle of town and has a resident white cat (hence the name). They serve a delicious complimentary breakfast buffet which you can eat on a beautiful patio under lemon trees and gorgeous statues. I highly recommend this hotel if you go to Capri. You can check it out here.

  • Take bus up to Anacapri and ride Monte Solaro chairlift to top of Mount Solaro. The views from the chairlift and at the top of Monte Solaro are amazing!

Monte Solaro Anacapri Amalfi Coast
Riding the Monte Solaro chairlift in Anacapri.

Faraglioni Capri Monte Solari Amalfi Coast
View of the Faraglioni from the top of Monte Solaro.
  • Walk around Anacapri. Maybe purchase handmade leather sandals that they fit to your foot and make personally for you while you wait!

Anacapri Amalfi Coast Italy
Buying handmade sandals at a shop in Anacapri.
  • Get gelato at the famous Buonocore Gelataria. It is located right in the center of Capri. You will be able to find it by following the intoxicating scent of the freshly made waffle cones (and the long line!).

Capri Amalfi Coast Italy Itinerary
Gelateria Buonocore in Capril

Capri Amalfi Coast Itinerary
Delicious gelato from Buonocore.

  • Catch the sunset off the Piazza Umberto (or the Piazzetta as it is commonly known) and then eat dinner at one of the many restaurants located on the Piazzetta. After dinner enjoy night views while strolling the less crowded streets of Capri (since all the day tourists have left). Window shop at all the luxury stores lining the main streets of Capri. Keep your eye out for celebrity sightings as Capri is a favorite destination of the rich and famous! We didn't see anyone famous, but they could have flown under our radar.


  • Rent a private boat for a cruise around Capri. It is not as bougie as it sounds. Private boat rental is common and there are several boats looking for passengers. Cost and time on the water vary so research "private boat tours Capri" and see what your options are. We were lucky enough to book a boat captained by the island's ONLY licensed female captain! #girlpower

Capri Boat Tour Amalfi Coast Itinerary
Our famous female captain!

  • Spend afternoon at Marina Grande beach.

  • Dinner at Panorama.Schedule dinner for around sunset and watch the sunset while sipping cocktails and eating delicious Italian food! The wait staff is very of the waiters handpicked a lemon for me from the lemon trees growing on the restaurant terrace.

Capri Italy Panorama Restaurant Amalfi Coast Itinerary
Taylor enjoying the sunset view from our table.


  • Take morning ferry to Sorrento.

Sorrento Amalfi Coast Itinerary
View of Sorrento from the Ferry
  • Grab an authentic Italian sandwich at A'Marenna, a popular place to grab a freshly made authentic Italian sandwich and a glass of local wine. The owners are energetic and fun which adds to the whole experience. There will probably be a line, but it is definitely worth the wait!

Sorrento Amalfi Coast Itinerary A'Marenna Sandwich Shop
A rare moment when there is no line at A'Marenna.

Sorrento Italy Italian sandwiches Amalfi Coast Itinerary
Our freshly made sandwiches on traditional Italian bread.

  • Walk around historic old town. Narrow, cobblestone streets lined with shops filled with hand-made ceramics, lace, souvenirs and other locally crafted goods. Strolling the old town streets is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!

Sorrento Italy Old Town Amalfi Coast Itinerary
Street in historic old town of Sorrento

Sorrento Italy Old Town Amalfi Coast Itinerary
Madison bought a beautiful hand-crafted inlaid wood box
  • Sample Limoncello made right in the store. You can't visit the Amalfi Coast and not indulge in the Limoncello! And make sure to leave space in your suitcase to bring some home to make your own Limoncello Spritzes and relive your incredible vacation.


  • Day at beach. Most beach areas require you to pay for a chair and umbrella and may require you to purchase food/drink while you are there. My daughters went to Leonelli's Beach which is located in the center of a natural bay providing beautiful views of the sea as well as the coastline of Sorrento. Leonelli's has a restaurant to provide food and drinks while you bask in the sun.


  • Take morning train to Naples. Walk around old town and grab traditional Neapolitan pizza.

Naples Italy Downtown
Downtown Naples (Celebrating Soccer Championship)

Naples Italy Neapolitan Pizza
Place we got our classic Neapolitan pizza!

Naples Italy Neapolitan pizza
One of the best pizzas I've ever had!
  • Catch afternoon train to Rome. Stay at Hotel Vespa right across from train station for easy access to train to the airport to catch early morning flight.

Rome Italy Airbnb Train Station
Great Airbnb right across from the train station in Rome.

So there you have it. The best 10 day itinerary for the Amalfi Coast! This was a trip of a lifetime with my daughters. If you are looking for a mother-daughter trip or a girls' adventure you should definitely consider the Amalfi Coast. I'm sure it would be a great couples getaway as well, but I was definitely more in the girls' trip mindset for this one! I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it! It was so fun to look back on our trip and relive the memories. Hopefully it inspires you to start making plans to create your own special memories.

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Krista Senatore
Krista Senatore
Sep 15, 2023

What an amazing trip! The Amalfi coast is definitely on my list of places to visit! My family is from Solerno so I especially enjoyed learning more about things to do there! You alway have the best tips!

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